Hosting an e-auction? Here’s what you should know about free online auction sites

  Back in the day, auctions and fundraising events used to be in-person events where people gathered together to support a cause or generate funds. Today, that has changed. With the onset of a global pandemic, everyone and everything has shifted to the inside i.e. the safe walls of our homes. The same has happened with auctions – what was known as an offline-only event has moved to the digital realms, thanks to technology and the internet. Today, a swarm of  free online auction sites  is available for anyone interested in hosting an online-only, virtual auction. If your goal is to host an auction or fundraising event today, chances are, you can find a website that is built to solve your specific needs and meet your unique requirements. In the era of technology, e-auction websites have come a long way. Apart from safety and physical distancing, one might wonder what are the additional benefits of going the online way for hosting auctions and fundraising events? Here are some of the us